Lighting Darkness

Henning Kreitel

German photographer Henning Kreitel (b. 1982) documents the surreal elements of reality. Shooting everyday scenes, his approach to lighting, angles and colours results in visually arresting and almost magical imagery. Accidently stumbling upon his photographic talent when he took a short trip to Frankfurt, Kreitel produces work that carries a narrative. During a visit to Iceland he created Nightlight, an exploration of the interaction between gardens and houses in the old city centre of Reykjavík. The contrast between the natural darkness and the overpowering glare of the street lights enhances the ordinary setting, developing an intriguing and unsettling mood. His stark 30-piece series, which highlights issues of light pollution, leaves the audience questioning whether the photographs are actually taken in daylight. Kreitel is due to exhibit his work at a number of locations in Stuttgart in 2014 and 2015. The following images are extracted from Nightlight.