Havana Uncovered

Formento & Formento

American duo Richeille Formento and BJ Formento return to Aesthetica and take the concept of street photography to the next level. Avoiding the sporadic shoot-and-click activity often associated with city imagery, the pair transform their chosen locations, which are bursting with cinematic beauty and brooding darkness. Their newest series She is Cuba  (2014) is an exploration of the decay and vibrancy juxtaposed on the streets of Havana. Placing their impeccably styled models in the midst of the city, the fading, dreary shop fronts and classic cars, which are reminiscent of the 1950s, tell a new story. Using light to great effect, their subjects often appear to rise up out of the crumbling scenery. The dynamic husband-and-wife team met in 2005 and have spent nearly the past 10 years working together for the likes of Vogue Italia, and exhibiting at Art Basel Miami Beach, AIPAD and The Armory Show in New York. The images featured here are from the She is Cuba  collection.