Dramatic Vignettes

Maxime Delvaux & Kevin Laloux

Belgium-based artists Maxime Delvaux (b. 1984) and Kevin Laloux (b. 1982) partnered to form 354 Photographers: an image-making collective working in architecture and advertising. In 2009, with the assistance of Nicolas Velter, the pair set about a project that showcased their ability to manipulate setting, lighting, fashion and narrative. The resulting series was Box, a compilation of dramatic scenarios constructed entirely from cardboard and miniature furniture. Discovering a set of characters mid-disaster, the photographs are ambiguous in their meaning, leaving the interpretation up to the viewer. Each scene was built over the course of two to three days in front of the camera to ensure the perspective was accurate, and the human figures were edited in with Photoshop afterwards. The photographs were a huge success and the duo was even commissioned by the Belgian postal service to create its Christmas cards. The following images are from the Box  series and demonstrate the photographers’ impeccable attention to detail.