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Curating Experiences

Pioneering in its extent of research, a new book from Phaidon presents a concentrated and intriguing overview of architectural exhibitions.

Multilayered Practice

A new book published by Yale University Press tracks the groundbreaking work of contemporary artist Mona Hatoum.

Emphasising the Everyday

Highlighting functionality over complex shapes and unnecessary materials, Embodiment, published by Phaidon examines the portfolio of Naoto Fukasawa.

Chronicling Societies

A new volume from Hatje Cantz brings together visual essays exploring the cultural and social landscape of Berlin.

Charting Transformation

Using drones, lasers, photography and high-end software, Dan Holdsworth captures Alpine glaciers and other harsh natural environments.

Geometric Symmetry

A new release from Hatje Cantz documents the installation of Fred Sandback’s sculptures at Casa Estudio Luis Barragán, Mexico.

Uncanny Landscapes

Monica Alcazar-Duarte’s The New Colonists, winner of the Bar Tur Photobook Award, presents an otherworldly quotidian.

Idiosyncratic Commentaries

Stephen Shore: Selected Works, published by Aperture, presents a collection of images chosen by a group of 15 artists, curators and cultural figures.

Revolutionary Politics

Whitney Chadwick’s The Militant Muse: Love, War and the Women of Surrealism concentrates on the crucial role of women in the surrealist movement.

Weighted Documentary

Pieter Hugo: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea showcases 14 collections, including subjects that range from honey collectors to definitions of home.

Tumultuous Americana

Launched in tandem with a seminal exhibi­tion at Beetles+Huxley, London, Sleeping by the Mississippi provides a glimpse into the “third coast” of the US.

Accessible Design

From IKEA to Arne Jacobsen, Scandinavian design has consist­ently been high profile and has become increas­ingly desirable in recent decades.

Concrete Worlds

Founding directors of The Modern House Matt Gibberd and Albert Hill shine a new light on Modernist architecture from the 1920s to the present day.

Structural Thresholds

Karl Kobitz’s collection of some of Milan’s most architecturally intriguing entryways or “Ingressi”, is a visually impressive work.

Derek Jarman Super 8

Maverick filmmaker Derek Jarman bequeathed his experimental 8mm reels to the producer after his death, but having deteriorated, many of Jarman’s works were in danger of disappearing for good.

Lazar Khidekel & Suprematism

This book is the first dedicated to Lazar Khidekel’s work and explores the importance of Suprematism in his oeuvre.

Full Moon

Almond travelled the world waiting for the right lunar phase, using an extra long exposure to capture nature at night. His quiet observance, still by necessity, has produced hauntingly beautiful results.

Yin Xiuzhen

This fascinating insight into the life of prolific installation artist Yin Xiuzhen consists of a number of interviews and revealing photographs.

Egon Schiele – Jenny Saville

The pairing of Austrian artist Egon Schiele with Young British Artist Jenny Saville is an unusual one but this book reveals their stylistic and thematic similarities.

William Helburn

William Helburn’s appreciation of feminine beauty, combined with his charismatic personality, resulted in a practice that saw him working with most of the top ad agencies in New York.

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