100 Painters of Tomorrow

100 Painters of Tomorrow overthrows the idea that painting is dead and instead demonstrates why the art form continues to persist, evolve and remain relevant.

The Elements of Sculpture

The Elements of Sculpture offers an profound foray into the alluring and often enigmatic practive of sculpture, from prehistory to contemporary output.

Robert Doisneau

This beautifully produced new book, compiled by Jean Claude Gautrand, showcases the array of work produced by Doisneau over his 60-year career.

What We Wore

This unique compendium substitutes glossy editorial spreads for disposable snaps of poster- splattered bedrooms, Kappa-clad holidays and Brixton raves.

Post-Photography: The Artist with a Camera

The artists in this book do not subscribe to a common philosophy of image-making; rather choosing to share social and technological methods of creation.

A Painter’s Progress: A Portrait of Lucian Freud

Working with the artist for nearly two decades, Dawson was not only Freud’s constant companion in the studio he was also one of his favourite models.

Fashion Photography Next

The fashion photograph has become a central part of today’s visual language. From advertising to editorial, these stylised, artistically inspired, ultra-glamorous images are everywhere.

Collector’s Edition

This stunning book documents the loving detail that goes into the creation of limited edition collector’s pieces for the music, book and magazine industries.

Ways of Looking

With no prejudices, no preconceptions, Ossian Ward proposes a formula to understand contemporary art.

Monica Bonvicini

Monica Bonvicini navigates issues of gender, power and control through the use of architecture, installation, language and drawing.


Coinciding with a large-scale exhibition at Tate Modern, this text explores the life and work of influential Russian artist Kazimir Malevich.

Camera Crazy

Camera Crazy highlights our obsession with photography from a nostalgic perspective. Over time, cameras first invented as toys have gained iconic status.

Keep Britain Tidy

A compelling volume of post-war posters from the National Archive, which paint a portrait of the changing concerns of British government from 1945 to 1975.

Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Edited by Testino and featuring pieces from his private archive, the volume brings together the duo’s best work.

Make Your Own Luck

Kate Moross is a veritable design chameleon, whose portfolio boasts a diverse range of work.

Women Photographers

Women Photographers is a definitive collection, which details 60 biographies of the most influential female photographers of the 19th century to the present day.

This is Dalí

Humorous and bright, this is a joyful exploration of Dalí’s world and gives intriguing and comprehensive insights into his personal development and his art.

Art & Ecology Now

Art & Ecology Now is an extensive survey of nature’s impact upon art’s involvement and responsibility in saving the planet.

New York Bike Style

“To ride in New York”, the introduction informs us, “is to have a level of authority over an otherwise untamed landscape.”

Show Time

Show Time examines art exhibitions from the late 1980s to the present day and looks at how they have altered our understanding of the curator’s role.