Lazar Khidekel & Suprematism

Regina Khidekel

An architect and an artist, Lazar Khidekel trained under Marc Chagall, and at the age of only 15 exhibited alongside other modern art luminaries including Wassily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich and went on to become an important member of the Russian avant-garde. This book is the first dedicated to his work and explores the importance of Suprematism in his oeuvre.

It is a fantastic introduction to an often-overlooked artist and spans the decades of his long career, moving through the different phases of his work. A stunning collection of paintings, drawings and photographs, the book reveals insight into Khidekel’s early and prodigious experiments with abstraction in both art and architecture. A series of interesting essays also traces Khidekel’s interactions with Malevich and the development of the Suprematist movement.

Coinciding with a renewed interest in Russian abstract art, this book is a brilliant exploration of a talented and significant artist and provides a detailed and beautiful showcase of Suprematist work. A key link in the story of abstraction.

Bryony Byrne