Egon Schiele – Jenny Saville

Oliver Wick
Hatje Cantz

The pairing of Austrian artist Egon Schiele (1890-1918) with Young British Artist Jenny Saville (b. 1970) is an unusual one but this book reveals the stylistic and thematic similarities between them. Brought together for the first time, it is apparent that, despite the decades separating their work, the two artists share an ability to capture the corporeality of the body.

The pieces selected come from various institutions and private collections, and are shown in an exhibition at Kunsthaus Zürich to accompany the publication of the book. It is interesting to see Schiele represented in a contemporary context alongside Jenny Saville: although there are superficial similarities between the artists’ work, they approach it from very different positions and the pairing of the two together prompts a critical discussion around the nature of their art.

Supported by essays throughout the book, the conversation can be a little dry but does provide a deeper understanding into the study of the two artists. For fans of Schiele or Saville this offers a new insight into old favourites.

Bryony Byrne