Tumultuous Americana

Launched in tandem with a seminal exhibi­tion at Beetles+Huxley, London, Sleeping by the Mississippi provides a glimpse into the “third coast” of the USA. Although first published by Steidl 13 years ago, this new edition takes independent strides in re-affirming the innovative and infectious vision of Alec Soth.

With 48 stunning colour plates, all 120 pages provide a wider example of the photobook at its best. The tumultuous and brooding landscape of America is captured and presented bound in printed linen as a truly mesmerising experience. Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota and Missouri are amongst the spellbinding locations – each of which is laid open through cinematic intimacy.

This boundary-pushing publication carries the documentary style into new depths, whilst offering an unprecedented source of immersion for each and every reader. As renowned Magnum photographer Martin Parr notes: “It’s hard to believe that the first edition of Sleeping By The Mississippi appeared only in 2004, so swiftly has the book become a classic of our time.”

For more information: www.mackbooks.co.uk

1. Alec Soth, Sleeping By The Mississippi.