Yin Xiuzhen

Wu Hung, Hou Hanru, Stephanie Rosenthal

This fascinating insight into the life of prolific installation artist Yin Xiuzhen consists of a number of interviews and revealing photographs. She was born in Beijing and her career gained momentum after graduating from Capital Normal University in 1990, when she began to break the boundaries surrounding traditional oil painting by leaning towards conceptual and installation art, utilising improvised and unexpected space, such as people’s homes, to present exhibitions.

Xiuzhen continues to pioneer change by using art to create awareness in society, particularly in China. Her playful use of contrasting materials such as childhood dresses embedded in concrete, and cloth sculptures installed within portable suitcases, aims to call for people’s participation in nature and the world that surrounds them.

Xiuzhen is a reactionary artist, whose exploration of space in the world is in many ways political. She brings people into her environments for direct, physical experiences, showing her privileged position in the world by having the power to act, raise issues and getting people to think.

Fiona Martin