Idiosyncratic Commentaries

Stephen Shore: Selected Works 1973-1981, published by Aperture, presents a collection of images chosen by a group of 15 artists, curators, authors and cultural figures from the archive of Shore’s Uncommon Places collection. The participants were invited to select up to 10 pieces from a larger pool; most of them are published here for the very first time. The reasons each individual has for selecting their works are varied; some of the decisions are detailed by an introduction to each section, but often the images are left to speak for themselves. Many of the participants refer to the possibility of narrative in Shore’s photographs, for example, in the case of Wes Anderson’s selection, he accompanies every image with a personalised glimpse into the story that he sees within the composition.

From these tongue-in-cheek observations to David Campany’s interest in the colour green, the involvement of these curators lends the book an interesting and original perspective in a widely discusses practice. Their interaction with Shore in some ways alters perceptions, yet still delves into the overall, idiosyncratic commentary on America.

Bryony Byrne

For more information:

1. From Stephen ShoreUncommon Places: The Complete Works.