Structural Thresholds

Karl Kobitz’s collection of some of Milan’s most architecturally intriguing entryways or “Ingressi”, is a visually impressive work. According to Kobitz, Ingressi stand as a microcosm of Milan’s design splendour and represent an insight into the lifestyles associated with such architectural exuberance.

It’s a compelling approach and one that is accompanied by an array of stunning photographs, detailing the grand nature of these designs. Kobitz’s angle on Milanese buildings explores the place of the entryway in Italian society and looks at the way in which man-made spaces – and the smaller journeys we take to cross thresholds – can affect our lives.

The publication includes a number of dual-language essays that investigate the different aspects of the doorways as architectural features and conceptual pathways for universal populations. Further to this, these intermittent pieces of text provide context and understanding to both the images and structural ideas present in this work.

Bryony Byrne

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1. Entryways of Milan. Courtesy of Taschen.