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A World History of Art

A mammoth text, now in its seventh revised edition, this is a seminal work looking at the history of art from “before history” through to the third millennium.

Woodstock: Three Days that Rocked the World

This book is a brilliant artefact of the event. It opens with a foreword by the venerable Martin Scorsese, and is organised in three parts “Origins” “The Event” and “The Aftermath”.

George Orwell Narrative Essays

Narrative Essays, part of a set with Critical Essays, was collected by George Packer to do justice to Orwell’s extra-ordinary talents as a non-fiction writer.

Angels of Destruction

Donohue has a mastery of the time-space continuum, with a narrative arc that spans three decades in a heart-wrenching exploration of the human condition.

Small Wars

Sadie Jones has done it again. Not only has she sold 400,000 copies of her debut, The Outcast, but also created a new story, rich in complex human relationships.


Chronophotography was first explored in the 19th cen­tury, using sequences of images to investigate ideas of space, time, movement and duration.

Art And Electronic Media

Art and Electronic Media is an essential read, which surveys the importance of electronic media vis-à-vis the art we are producing today.

On Black Sisters’ Street

Interspersed with African turn of phrase, On Black Sisters’ Street draws on story-telling tradition to illuminate the West from an under-represented perspective.

The Blind Side of the Heart

The Blind Side of the Heart begins in 1945 with a boy abandoned at a railway station in provincial Germany. Helene leaves her son on the platform, never to return.

Love Me Tender

Fixating on a small community in rural Buckleigh, Love Me Tender balances a large cast of characters and their stories of love, anger and disappointment.

Ox-Tales: Water, Air, Fire, Earth

The four-book strong Ox-Tales collect together work from the best of British and Irish writers today under themes closely related to Oxfam’s work.

Shape of Things to Come: New Sculpture

Shape of Things to Come is the definitive book on contemporary sculpture. It might weigh your bookshelf down, but definitely worth the gamble.

Lichtenstein Posters

Lichtenstein Posters is a beautifully produced book, which is essential reading for anyone interested in Pop Art and the works of Roy Lichtenstein.

The Unknown Knowns

Comic enthusiast Jim Rath, spends his unemployed hours dreaming of the submarine, matriarchal world of Nautika, standing immersed in hotel pools.

It’s Beginning to Hurt

James Lasdun is a modern day observer, much like the flâneur of the 19th century. His craft is estimable, while his humour and wit are poignant.

Sag Harbour

Sag Harbour is set in 1985, with hyper self-aware Benji battling to create an individual identity separate to his younger brother Reggie.

Ablutions: Notes for a Novel

This debut novel from Patrick DeWitt presents a startlingly honest look into the lives and the patrons at a declining Hollywood bar.

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