Liz Green

O, Devotion!
Play It Again, Sam

According to family lore, Liz Green is descended from executioners and rag and bone men. From this delightfully romantic history, comes an album with more than a little throwback to the past. Green’s voice has a gloriously vintage sound to it and her music echoes dancehall, blues and cabaret.

The old and evocative nature of Green’s voice blends perfectly with her mix of oompah pah style music, which conjures up images of dancers whirling round smoky dancefloors. There are even echoes of Edith Piaf amongst the album, particularly in aspects of the old-fashioned Displacement Song.

Songs range from gently picked melodies to full brass accompaniments, but all contain intricate and moving stories told with exquisite lyrics. In performance, Green utilises shadow puppetry, which seems a suitably nostalgic and folk-based way to complement her music. Storytelling is at the heart of this album and it is delightful, warm and captivating. This is an achingly romantic album to capture your heart. Picture yourself swaying beneath a mirror ball to the alluring sounds of Liz Green.

Bryony Byrne