Submotion Orchestra

Finest Hour
Exceptional Blue

From the city that produced Kaiser Chiefs, The Pigeon Detectives, The Sunshine Underground and ¡Forward, Russia!, Submotion Orchestra brings a welcome diversion to the mix. Their debut, Finest Hour, combines a sublime cinematic landscape providing a unique take on dubstep, soul and jazz.

Having gained support from Radio 1, Radio 2, and Jazz FM, the band has been in serious demand through the busy festival period. With undertones of Portishead, the entire album is enthralling. Roby Wood’s vocals are sultry and captivating; this combined with the sheer musical scope creates a different listening experience. It’s not hard to see why this band is making waves.

The album’s opener, Angel Eyes, sets the tone with an atmospheric and slick introduction. It’s so good, in fact, that as the album continues you start to realise that this is something special, and it’s been a while since a band has impressed you this much.

Other tracks to look out for include: Back Chat, All Yours, Secrets and the album’s closer, Perfection.

Shirley Stevenson