Art & Ecology Now

Andrew Brown
Thames & Hudson

Throughout history, literature and painting have reflected upon the wonders of the natural world. Today the environment continues to be an important concern for artists, and Andrew Brown’s Art & Ecology Now examines the various ways present-day creatives are approaching the ever-changing force of nature.

Beginning with an in-depth introduction that outlines art’s evolving relationship with nature, this volume considers how environmental issues have become so central to artistic production. Brown identifies five main areas in which the two intersect in contemporary work: review, reform, research, reuse, recreation and reaction, and highlights individuals who represent each subject. In Re/View he looks at Nadav Kander’s photography, in Re/Form he explores Tim Knowles’ installation and in Re/Use he examines Andrea Polli’s public interventions.

With 343 illustrations and featuring over 80 artists, Art & Ecology Now is an extensive survey of nature’s impact upon art’s involvement and overarching responsibility in saving the planet.

Hannah Clugston