Post-Photography: The Artist with a Camera

Robert Shore
Laurence King

“Post-photography” may be understood as a moment not a movement, the artists represented in this book do not subscribe to a common philosophy of image-making; rather they choose to share social and technological methods to create their work. Post-Photography covers the key strategies adopted by 53 of the most provocative and forward thinking international artist-photographers of the moment, including Mishka Henner, Eva Stenram, Dan Holdsworth and Olivo Barbieri.

The job of the photographer in the 21st century has become increasingly challenging as the practice is an overwhelmingly populist business. Anyone who has access to a camera has the power to become an artist, leaving a plethora of cached evidence on the internet for public consumption.

This “found” internet content serves as a vast laboratory for major experimentation, underpin- ning the concept of post-photography, with end- less possibilities for artists to recreate original works using avant-garde techniques drawn from both the digital and analogue eras.

Fiona Martin