Camera Crazy

Christopher D. Salyers & Buzz Poole

Nowadays, we all consider ourselves to be photographers, capable of instantaneously editing and sharing our works of art on Instagram and Facebook. With some mobile phones now providing cameras of 40 megapixels as standard, the possibilities are both a blessing to those who enjoy documenting every aspect of their lives, and a curse to purists who have learnt their skills using a traditional lens.

Camera Crazy highlights our obsession with photography from a nostalgic perspective. Over time, cameras that were invented as toys have now gained iconic status. For example, the Polaroid, Diana and Holga have achieved a strong cult following – the same lens effects of which can be replicated using filters on mobile apps.

On the other hand, some of the models will ever remain ridiculous – who can remember cameras shaped like a can of Budweiser or a football? This light hearted documentation of novelty cameras is a reminder of the unexpected origins of these beloved toys, their unwavering popularity, and our addiction to photographing our lives.

Fiona Martin