Make Your Own Luck

Kate Moross

Kate Moross is a veritable design chameleon, whose portfolio boasts a diverse range of work – from giant Styrofoam eggs and Glastonbury Festival cafés, to high street clothing and pop-up giftshops, via record sleeves and Cadbury’s posters.

In this volume, Moross has distilled a wealth of staggeringly varied, hands-on experience in the design world, offering a step-by-step, thorough guide for those who are passionate and serious about making it in this competitive industry. The book is replete with useful advice, addressing a series of important issues that newcomers to the field are likely to encounter: from the fundamental (where to get inspiration from) to the practical (what to do if you think your work is being plagiarised) and the specific (what the best pens are for drawing on walls).

Moross’ infectious enthusiasm and sheer love for design, coupled with her clear-headed pragmatism and a no-nonsense approach to business render this how-to guide an invaluable source of inspiration for budding creative entrepreneurs.

Regina Papachlimitzou