New York Bike Style

Sam Polcer

“To ride in New York City”, the introduction informs readers, “is to have a level of authority over an otherwise untamed landscape.” New York is perhaps the last place that would spring to mind as cyclist-friendly: this volume offers a testament to the population of New Yorkers who choose cycling as their mode of transport, an inkling of the kinds of people who enjoy this special kind of command over the multifarious cityscape.

The riders captured are as diverse as their destinations and activities. From tattooed fashionistas on the way to glamorous events to bike polo players between matches, from trendy SoHo dwellers to BMX kids in the middle of bunny hop bar spins, the portraits come together to create an extensive mosaic of the burgeoning population of bicycle-loving, urban residents, as heterogeneous as the Big Apple itself.

The book challenges the pigeonholing of these enthusiasts into lycra-wearing devotees, revealing how the bike acts as a common denominator between people of different backgrounds, socio-economic status, ages and lifestyles.

Regina Papachlimitzou