100 Painters of Tomorrow

Thames & Hudson
Kurt Beers

Featuring artists from over 35 countries, 100 Painters of Tomorrow is a guide to the future of painting. Brought together through an open call for submissions, the 100 practitioners fought off the competition of over 4,000 other applicants to be recognised in the landscape of contemporary paintwork.

Opening with an introduction from the director of the ICA, Gregor Muir, the book features portraiture, geometric shapes, landscapes and painted sculptural objects. Author Kurt Beers does not just consider the final product in isolation but also the approach to its construction, such as the vibrant works of performance artist Chokra who uses powder paint as part of a ritualistic gesture.

100 Painters of Tomorrow overthrows the idea that painting is dead and instead demonstrates why the art form continues to persist, evolve and remain incredibly relevant today. With 330 stunning illustrations and lengthy biographies for each artist, the weighty volume pays homage to the innovation happening in contemporary painting studios all over the world.

Hannah Clugston