Meet the 2023 Shortlist

Over the past two years, we have witnessed radical paradigmatic shifts in the ways that we live, communicate, work and play – as well as how we travel, socialise and experience the joys of culture.The Aesthetica Art Prize is an annual celebration of contemporary art. The exhibition, which brings together this year’s talented finalists, invites you to explore, discover and engage with themes from our rapidly changing world – wide-ranging topics that include the ethics of representation, mass digitisation, globalisation, diasporic identities and the continuing threats posed by the climate crisis.  

York Art Gallery | Until 4 June

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Artist Interviews

Ada Cotton & Etienne Joseph

Bea Last

Becky Probert

Caro Williams

Computational Design and Visualization Lab

Dario Pilato


Debi Cornwall

Gareth Phillips

Hope Strickland

Johanna Marie Schimming

Julia Fullerton-Batten

Kristina Varaksina


Lavinia Keller

Lisa Traxler

Rosie Sherwood

Steph Tari Odu

Valentina Ferrandes

Zoe Childerley