Still Life Revisited

Over the past seven years, Dan Matthews has developed a uniquely graphic and cropped aesthetic that conjures a sense of the surreal.

Undiscoverable Worlds

Reuben Wu is a photographer, filmmaker and music producer whose visual work is driven by the urge to explore new places as if they were unknown.

Semantics of the Home

Andrea Clarke is wholly interested in the spaces that surround us, questioning the confines that they offer and the anonymity attached to home.

The Urban Vernacular

Capturing the everyday landscape, Vishal Marapon’s images connect with changing cities and the material effects of gentrification and development.

Theatrical Encounters

Lonneke van der Palen’s practice focuses on creating artificial sets. Highly stylised, the images focus on nature of circulated media and constructed realities.

Otherworldly Arenas

Intrigued by social phenomena, Al Mefer’s photographs call upon artificial elements, using an intriguing interplay between shadow and colour.

Delicate Landscapes

Turin-born Alberto Selvestrel creates indefinite landscapes that stretch into large, open expanses filled with natural contrasts and sweeping spaces.

Sculptural Compositions

William Bunce and Lisa Jahovic explore shape, texture and sculpture to create minimalist imagery centred around geometry and balance.

Pastel Roots

Jo Kalinowski is inspired by identities. With British urban roots, she now lives in Australia, exploring the spaces between manmade and natural landscapes.

Rewriting Gravity

Inspired by the studio spaces of Luis Barragan, and Ricardo Bofill’s La Muralla Roja, Massimo Colonna’s images provide an arena for uncanny movement.

Linear Environments

Having worked as a freelance illustrator for years, Recchia now focuses on the banality of everyday life, looking at the forms of the urban environment. 

A Journey into Myth

For Joachim Hildebrand’s latest series, he travelled through the seven states of the American southwest – a visual journey through myth and reality.

Metaphoric Beachscapes

Valentina Loffredo’s images draw a parallel between our life and a seascape and observes what happens after a sudden and unexpected storm.

Exploring Suburbia

Thomas Jordan is an American photographer, living and working in Illinois. He finds inspiration in Chicago Suburbs, looking for moments of clarity.

Global Signifiers

Sam Johnson finds satisfaction in creating beauty through perceivable mundanity. The images introduce viewers into Jungian landscapes.

Nostalgic Disposition

Large format photographers from the 1960s and 1970s granted Matt Porch his main inspiration – the resulting works both glamourise and simplify streets.

Foreboding Compositions

Francois Ollivier’s approach is based on wandering and accepting the impromptu, magnifying the most common things into the poignant or magnificent.

Theatrical Scenes

Giacomo Infantino’s work uses staged scenes to evoke intimate and personalised narratives. The featured images outline places in Varese.

Fleeting Moments

Monty Kaplan fluctuates between modes of working. Colour is rendered as an emotive backdrop, carrying a sense of joy and woeful nostalgia.

Evoking Memories

Conjuring a bygone spirit of Americana, Phil Donohue’s works reflect a sense of stippling anonymity and recession on Route 66.