Growth and Acceptance

Growth and Acceptance

Butterflies encircle faces. Bright orange balloons float in mid-air. Deep blue leaves engulf bodies. Fares Micue (b. 1987) is a self-taught Spanish photographer who specialises in conceptual portraiture. Her aim is to deliver “a strong message on personal growth, self-love and empowerment.” Micue started taking pictures in 2009 as a hobby. Now, in 2021, she’s been featured by the likes of Colossal and Saatchi Art.

These self-portraits are dreamlike, hopeful, and, at times, surreal. In some images, Micue’s eyes and facial features are obscured entirely by natural forms: petals blooming from dark backdrops. Elsewhere, we see the artist step into lush walls of foliage, like doorways to other worlds. The series is not only self-reflective; it’s about inspiring others to look forward. “I want my images to give hope and teach people to appreciate themselves, to love, dream, and believe that everything is possible if we believe it is,” she says.

Micue’s approach is characterised by symbolism and attention to detail: location, colours, props, mood and storytelling. Every element of the composition has a purpose. “My images often feature simple backgrounds, saturated colours and characteristic props like flowers, plants, origami, or balloons,” she notes. These objects help to create a palpable sense of narrative, encouraging viewers to wonder: what happens next? “I want my work to be viewed as a whole story condensed in one frame,” the artist explains.


Words: Eleanor Sutherland

All images courtesy Fares Micue.
1. Morning Calm
2.The Power of Becoming
3. Eternal Sunshine
4. Mixed Realities (Image courtesy of Fares Micue and Artstar)
5. Defensive III
6. The Happiness Source