Colour and Movement

Colour and Movement

“I started Dancers right after the strict lockdown in Spain. We hadn’t been able to leave our houses for 43 days. Unlike in other European countries, we weren’t even allowed to go for a walk – not even a run. Like many people, I felt isolated and looked at the world around me from a different perspective. I left my home questioning the ways I had always thought life should be and was really excited about relating to other people. I felt a renewed sense of happiness.”

Anna Huix is a Barcelona-based photographer whose work is regularly published in leading international magazines, including The New York Times, Financial Times and Sunday Times. Specialising in portraiture, she has created bold editorial and commercial work for the likes of Google, Airbnb, Nespresso and HP. Shown here are shots from a recent personal series, made following a period of isolation in 2020.

“The dancers and contortionists in this series were the first people I had contact with in that new period,” the photographer explains. “My idea was to reflect, through colours, the euphoria I was feeling. I wanted to suggest other ways in which the human body can be presented and photographed: getting lost in abstraction and turning figures into unreadable sculptures. My aim was to challenge the way we see, and to question the way we decode what is in front of us. I sometimes crop in, leaving headless intertwined bodies. Elsewhere, I rotate the images, playing with the sense of gravity.”

The resulting works are bright and full of motion. Figures twist, bend and stretch – creating unexpected shapes and silhouettes. Reds, yellows, pinks and blues collide in explosions of energy. In this mood-boosting series, Huix celebrates the power of movement and colour to inspire creativity. | @annahuix

Image Credits:
Contortion IV, from Dancers, Anna Huix
2. Contortion V, from Dancers, Anna Huix
3. F&A, from Dancers, Anna Huix

4.Contortion IV from Dancers, Anna Huix

5. Fatu on her wedding dress from Dancers, Anna Huix
6. Contortion I from Dancers, Anna Huix
7. Contortion II from Dancers, Anna Huix