Moments Distilled

Light bounces across cool blue water. Moths hover above rippling pools. Watermelon slices balance on skin, and ice cold drinks fizz in the heat. Nick Prideaux is an Australian photographer based in Paris. His images distil moments of beauty from the everyday – from sun drenched scenery to legs tangled in sheets.

“I approach photography in a mindful way and try to capture fleeting and fragmented scenes,” Prideaux explains. “I’m interested in exploring the intimate moments of my life; playing with light, colour and the people who I share this stage with. I work with film and use the camera to extract what’s around me.”

Light diffuses through windows and across bodies of water, creating a sense of softness and tactility. “Photography is a conduit for me to try and understand the world,” the artist continues. “The camera acts as a way to express my fascination with the present moment and the delicate stillness that sits within it.”

Prideaux’s new publication is the eighth in an ongoing collaboration between Setanta Books and Open Doors Gallery, championing the work of emerging photographers. Previously, he has been featured in IGNANTBOOOOOOOM! and Nowness. His clients include Google and Ruinart Champagne.

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All images courtesy Nick Prideaux and Setanta Books.