The Playful Everyday

The Playful Everyday

ELLE, Harpers Bazaar and Tatler are just some of the publications which have featured Swiss-born photographer Lauretta Suter over the years. Based between London and Zurich, she works internationally for a broad variety of commercial and editorial clientele, recognised for her distinctive set designs.

Suter’s characters interact with these environments in playful and unexpected ways – standing on broken chairs, hiding behind cushions or diving into boxes of bubblewrap. These intriguing events take place against minimal backdrops, with walls painted in monochrome blues, purples and whites.

Suter’s compositions offer a fresh take on the everyday, with characters in pyjamas falling headfirst into multicoloured cereal bowls and assuming unconventional postures. Feathered trousers, patterned shirts and velvet suits provide layers of texture – visual counterpoints to otherwise crisp backgrounds.


All images courtesy Lauretta Suter.
1. Publication: Offblack Magazine. Styling: Victoria Steiner.
2&3. Publication: Vision China. Stylist: Victoria Steiner.
4. Publication: Le Pibe. Stylist: Indigo Goss. Set design: Amy Friend. Model: Fay Parson
5. Publication: InStyle UK. Stylist: Arabella Greenhill. Set Design: George Lewin
6. Publication: Offblack Magazine. Styling: Victoria Steiner.
7. Publication: L’officiel Ukraine. Stylist: Indigo Goss. Set design: Joanna Goodman