Aesthetica Magazine Issue 55

October / November 2013

This issue concentrates on redefinitions as a way of constructing new meaning. The artists featured expand across decades of contemporary practice, and the works included test the resilience of the artist. Inside we start with a look at Elmgreen & Dragset’s latest installation Tomorrow, which takes over the former Textile Galleries at the V&A, London. The artists have created an apartment belonging to a fictional, elderly and disillusioned architect to comment on the loneliness and alienation ever-present in today’s society.

MoMA’s New Photography 2013 exhibition surveys the works of eight key emerging photographers. 9 Artists, meanwhile, opens this autumn and strips back the concept of a group show. Rituals of Rented Island opens at the Whitney, presenting a major historical overview of performance art from 1970-1980. In photography, we look at Argentinian photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg’s Suriname Bittersweet series, currently on display at Noorderlicht Photofestival. Known for creating images that balance precariously between documentary and staged photography, Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s East of Eden series opens at David Zwirner, London. We also display a series from Chilean photographer Sergio Larrain, which explores the artist’s wanderlust through the 1950s and 1960s. Finally, we introduce the works of Eleonora Ronconi and our cover photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten.

In film, we chat with John Roberts about his new film Day of the Flowers, which is set against the backdrop of present-day Cuba, exploring family relationships and unspoken expectations. We also speak with Jeremy Lovering about his debut theatrical release, In Fear, which presents a complex study of the emotion. In music, we look at how multinational corporations are weaving their way into the industry through sponsorship deals. On stage, the Lyric presents a new kind of theatricality, Secret Theatre, which challenges the definitions of performance. Finally, Saudi Arabia’s leading artist, Abdulnasser Gharem, discusses his complex conceptual works and working as an artist in the Middle East.

Everyday Vitality

Finding life and energy in any and every location, Sergio Larrain’s protagonists appear unperturbed by the camera and continue with their everyday interactions.

Alejandro Chaskielberg

Working everywhere from the Kenya to the Netherlands, Chaskielberg’s roots in photojournalism allow him to narrate specific environments and the individuals living within them.

Eleonora Ronconi

Returning to the plastic creatures and vibrant colours of the amusement park during twilight, Eleonora Ronconi discovers a haunting environment.

Rituals of Rented Island

A new show at the Whitney surveys performance art, casting an eye over the theatrical happenings at a scarcely charted moment in art history.

9 Artists

The Walker Art Center’s latest exhibition, 9 Artists, strips the concept of group show down to its core, dispensing with themes and showcasing artistic practice.

A Genre of its Own

Jeremy Lovering’s dark psychological thriller explores the human capacity for violence, our primal phobia of the dark, and the notion of truth versus fiction.

Zsófia Boros

Evocative and passionate are two words that perfectly encapsulate Zsófia Boros’ ECM debut, En Otra Parte.

Agnes Obel

As soon as the opening notes of Agnes Obel’s second album Aventine fill the air, it becomes impossible to stop listening.

Unexpected Performances

The Lyric Hammersmith’s new season of Secret Theatre challenges preconceived notions of production and attempts to offer up a bold new alternative.

Black Onassis

Black Onassis’ unique sound is a potent mix of electronic beats and guitar rock.

Let the Music Pay

Musicians and corporations working together isn’t a new concept. However, lately the suits have been making some interesting moves. This is a tale of hip-hop, basketball and ice cream.

Call Girl

Based on actual events, Call Girl tells the story of underage prostitution among the Swedish elite in the 1970s.

Our Children

Our Children is a harrowing depiction of one woman’s psychological decline, spiralling uncontrollably to an ending that is made more shocking by the simple treatment it is given.

100 Works of Art That Will Define Our Age

Recognising pieces from 1989 to the present day, Grovier has created a compelling list of works that have had the greatest impact in recent times.

Love Story to Cuba

Evocative, authentic rhythms and stunning Caribbean vistas combine in this
lighthearted, fish-out-of-water comedy about family secrets and failing ideals.

Young Rebel Set

Channelling the dulcet, pained tones of Springsteen, Young Rebel Set’s lead singer Matty Chipchase echoes the cadence of Born To Run throughout Crocodile.

Art Cities of the Future: 21st Century Avant-Gardes

Art Cities of the Future examines the relationship between place and experimental creativity, picking out avant-gardes from 12 specific locations.

Eyemazing: The New Collectible Art Photography

Eyemazing: The New Collectible Art Photography presents a phenomenal range of works, all assembled from the best of the magazine of the same name.

Rediscovering Domesticity

Elmgreen & Dragset occupy the former textile galleries of The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, with their rendition of a failed architect’s inherited home.

Bright Nights: Photographs of Another New York

Street photographer Tod Seelie’s version of the city in Bright Nights completely redefines the concept of classic New York and is adamantly devoid of clichés.