Eyemazing: The New Collectible Art Photography

Susan Zadeh
Thames & Hudson

Eyemazing: The New Collectible Art Photography presents a phenomenal range of works, all assembled from the best of the magazine of the same name. The images selected reflect striking colours of tinted cities; vivid scenes captured in collage, lith-prints, portraits, landscapes and abstracts.

Founded in 2003 by Susan Zadeh, Eyemazing has become widely known as one of the most influential photography journals. Recognised as a title that continues to unearth fresh, new and exciting talent, the magazine has made its mark by making trends instead of following them.

The book’s content is divided into two strands, each introduced by essays from Steven Brown and John Wood. These sections contain ethereal, haunting and beautiful works, printed large and bold across each page, by artists such as Bettina Rheims, Sally Mann, Pierre Alivon and Roger Ballen. The book is magnificently curated and is consequently read, or experienced, like a sequence of visions: lucid and flowing.

Claire Hazelton