Art Cities of the Future: 21st Century Avant-Gardes

Various Authors

Every culture has its own individual quirks and expectations, and with an ever-increasing population, a widening territory and a growing number of nationalities, these differences are becoming more varied and pronounced.

This diversity is particularly identifiable when looking at the huge range of artistic practices across the globe. Art Cities of the Future: 21st Century Avant-Gardes examines the relationship between place and experimental creativity, picking out avant-gardes from 12 specific locations. Each section is narrated by a selection of curators who highlight the artistic features of a city through the careful choice of eight practitioners.

The book’s approach to the contemporary avant-garde is brilliantly executed through unique analysis, addressing the importance of locality in challenging art. Alongside 500 stunning images, the text is conscious of the wider concerns behind the work, bringing together old and new artists, working across various media, and explores their production in the context of their surroundings.

Hannah Clugston