Creative Writing Winners 2022

Shortlisted Poetry and Short Fiction works from the 2022 Prize are published in the Creative Writing Anthology 2023.

Poetry – Jane Wilkinson
Bathing mother, seen from the back


Oz Hardwick, Chair of the Poetry jury, notes: “An ambitious work of angles and fragments which, circling from ekphrasis to domestic lyric, via ecopoetics, succeeds in being immediately and powerfully moving before it’s fully grasped. We found it unflinching in its unsentimental humanity.”

Short Fiction – Katie Hale
Raise, or How to Break Free of the Ground, or The Lakeland Dialect for ‘Slippery’ is ‘Slape’ and to Form it in the Mouth Requires an Act of Falling | @halekatie

Wayne Price, Chair of the Fiction jury, commented: “Its piercing, lyrical awareness of how language both enables and resists the ways we understand our lives and the lives of others made this a truly adventurous story and a worthy winner: one that lingers, and resonates, in the reader’s own imagination.”

Shortlisted Writers 2022


Alberto Rigettini – Dreams one dreams when about to divorce
Alice White – My Sister and I Went Down to the Missile Silo
Amanda Merritt – Ode to Whiskey
Amaury Wonderling – Luna
Anna Selby – Shark Freedive in Swordfish Season
Belle Ling – Cucumber and the Catbus Club
Bethany-May Rowe – A Conglomerate Emergency with Incremental Effect
Bradley Samore – A Benediction: Permitting the Absence of Tears While Mourning
Brian Heston – Love Poem for the Twentieth Century
Brookes Moody – Quantum Decoherence
Courtney Conrad – Extradition of Drug Lord Dudus Coke: Barbican Girl Dash Weh Tivoli boy
Damen O’Brien – Unreal City
Dean Gessie – diary of a dead eel boy
Eve Esfandiari-Denney – Good and Better Lies
Frank Russo ­– The language of flight
Gareth Roberts – Frost
Garrett Soucy – Hell Mouth
Geraint Ellis – I run with Dad.
Glen Wilson – The night before demolition, Mary Street, 1970
Holly Singlehurst  – My physio tells me a joint cracking looks like fireworks on an ultrasound

Jamie Cameron – Montage Theory
Jane Wilkinson – Bathing mother, seen from the back
Jo Davis – Four tiles from a calendar mosaic of chronic illness
Joan García Viltró – The Swimmers : 24th February
Jonathan Greenhause – Thanks a lot, Shakespeare, for the Starling
Kizziah Burton – Cist
Laura Shore – Women’s Locker Room
Laura Paul Watson – Every Time I Call, I Break the News of My Diagnosis
Mark Fiddes – Memory Foam
Mary Gilliland – Infinitives
Mary Mulholland – inner courtyard
Miller Adams – Having Something a Little Stronger with You
Nichole Moss – When Things Stopped Being About Steve
Paula Brancato – The only time I ever cried at the gym
Roy Kelly – The Life Elsewhere
Sarah Easter – Collins Pip
Scott Elder – At Once the River
Taz Rahman – Ramadan
Tom Laichas – At Ed Ruscha’s Twentysix Gasoline Stations, God Tops Off His Tank
Victoria Christiano – THE SUMMER OF MY 25TH BIRTHDAY

Short Fiction

Akhim Alexis ­– The Wailers
Catriona Shine ­­– Beyond the Low Wall
Ella Nixon – Beyond Words
Fiona Ennis – Protection
Frankie Rollins – The Empty House
Gavin Weale – My Predictable Life
Grace Liew – Sicko
Greg Thorpe – Three Sailors
Hardy Griffin – Elbistan
Isabel Clemente – A Letter to Julia
Jacqueline Winn – A Man Digs a Grave

Kate Ismay – The Stone
Kate Lockwood Jefford – The Etymology of a Sword Swallower
Katie Hale – Raise, or How to Break Free of the Ground, or The Lakeland Dialect for ‘Slippery’ is ‘Slape’ and to Form it in the Mouth Requires an Act of Falling
Len Lukowski  – Reassurance
Lorna Brown – Different Ways To Drown
Micah Cash – April
Phoebe Hurst – Vocation
Renee Flory – End Times Discourse Over Takeout Noodles
Robyn Jefferson – In Language Strange

Images: Adriana Mora & Icarius.jpeg