Creative Writing Winners 2020

Shortlisted Poetry and Short Fiction works from the 2020 Prize are published in the Creative Writing Anthology 2021.

Shortlisted Writers 2020


Alicia Sometimes – Cold Was The Ground
Anne M Cousins – AT THAT TIME
Betsy Blair – I Was a Good Mother, Other
Breda Spaight – Righteous Blood
Christopher M James – Ma 間
Darius Simpson – Approximation
David Yerex Williamson – From the womb
Dean Gessie – Deer [sic] Poetry Contest Judges
Elisabeth Sennitt – Clough A Cold Thing
Fiona Lynch – Corsetry.
Francesca Capossela – The Morning After Pill
Georgina Titmus – Private Viewing
Helen Quah – Fifteen Minutes
James Mulhern – Copacetic
Jane Lovell – Vitulus
Jane McKie – Denim Ontology
Jane Monson – The Girl and the Octopus
Jed Myers – Learning to Hold
Jenifer Lawrence – Sitting on a Porch Swing at Your Late Mother’s House Ten Years After Our Divorce
Jennifer Harrison – Ribonucleic Acid and Faust


Jonathan Greenhause – Not for Sale
Julie Manning – Heaving the Needles
Kelly Davis – To My Hands
Lucy Wilson – Memento Mori
Marc Woodward – Leaving Switzerland
Margot Douaihy – Don’t
Mary Mulholland – Diptych, painting on two hinged wooden panels which may be closed like a book
Michele Parker Randall – Hear me out
Molly Underwood – I said to the doctor
Oli Isaac – they ask me how did you get here. can’t you see it on my body?
Oliver Cocks – Swanston St
Patrice Wilson – Bone-clock
Paula Harris – Picasso invites me around for Sunday brunch and I find I cannot eat the fruit
Penelope Layland – Unheralded Acts of the Gorgon
Rachel Goodman – Autumn Equinox
S. Erin Batiste – Glory to All Fleeting Things
Sally Davis – Chair
Simon Linter – Panic
Wes Lee – The Field: Persephone

Short Fiction

Annie Warren – Champagne
Cathie Burton – Never Forget
Chrissie Cuthbertson – When you were a boy
Gaynor Jones – Something Like Drowning
Jan Kaneen – The Time-traveller’s Daughter
Jane Campion Hoye – Coming Back to Life
Jill Young – The Last Will and Testament of Leah Jane Aycott
Josephine Galvin – Identity
Lucy Porter – Business Trip
Lucy Grace – The Colour Forty
Marc Joan – Three Red Tulips
Michelle Jager – ‘Python Yellow’
Mick Donaldson – The Rescue Dog
Molly McCaffrey – Two People for Six O’Clock
Ola Mustapha – The Gulf Between Them
Oliver Hawthorne – Fifteen Minutes in January
Rick Westwell – The Dragon Under the Bridge
Sadhbh Crean – Deficient
Sakinah Hofler – Erasure

1. Christopher Stott.
2. Massimo Colonna.