Creative Writing Winners 2017

Shortlisted Poetry and Short Fiction works from the 2017 Prize, were published in the Creative Writing Anthology 2018.

Shortlisted Writers 2017

Aaron Kent – Bangladesh Backpack
Alexandra Strnad – Sandstorm
Amita Murray – Refuge
Arthur Powers – A Bag Lady’s Body in the Financial District and Famine
Ashley Inguanta – The Day They Found
Carolyn Jess-Cooke – Sagittarius A*
Chris Jenkins – Unspoken Things
Chris Thompson – The Prayers of the Pagans
Chris Connolly – The Speed of Light and How It Cannot Help Us
CJ Atkinson – Bad Poetry
Colin Walsh – Victories
Elizabeth Flux – Best Laid Plans
Francine Conley – Eve’s Dilemma
Gail Anderson – Blink
Geraldine Clarkson – A Young Woman Undressed Me and
Gloria Vando – New Shoes and an Old Flame
Jack Roberts – Orange (In Three Parts)
James Aitchison – Old Branch Line
Janet Lees – Catching Fire
Jessica Wilson – Reclamation
Jo Burns – Shergar’s Last Race
Joseph Hutchinson – Chopped Earth Under Curdled Clouds
Judy Birkbeck – Cursed from the Earth
Kat Myers – Processional of Sleep Aids and Step Work
Katherine May – The Marriages
Lela Tredwell – Mavis and the Microwave
Leonardo Boix – Niobe’s Fate (A Mistranslation)
Majella Kelly – Anadromous Vocabulary

Marc Joan – Seeing John
Maria Thomas – Flowers
Marie Chambers – Inspiration Never Chafes at Needing to do Laundry
Mark Wacome Stevick – After Shunning
Matt George Lovett – Dia de los Muertos
Micah Card – Exotic Dancers
Michael Collins – Four for Robert Hayden
Michelle Penn – Aubade
Michelle Wright – [wərdz]
Moshe Elias – The Note Natalie Whittaker – Moss
Norman Franke – Spiritual Algorithms
Paul Hetherington – Plumber
Paula Lambert – Lessons in the Drinking of Nectar: Hummingbird Prartho
Sereno – Quantifiable Evidence and Measurable Outcomes
Rachel Grande – Memoir in Half Sentences
Roseanne Watt – The Moth Trap
Ruth Wiggins – Trout Sarah Bence – Third
Sarah Rice – The Door in 4 Parts and From the Bus Window
Shari Kocher – Black Door with Snow
Simon Linter – Typewriter
Stephanie Hutton – See-Through
Sunny Singh – A Cup Full of Jasmine Oil
Tracey Iceton – Diana of the Moon
Tricia Cresswell – Changeling
Vasiliki Albedo – The Stub
Will Seymout – The Third Time I See Him Fly an Aeroplane