Creative Writing Winners 2018

Read the shortlisted Poetry and Short Fiction works from the 2018 Prize, in the Creative Writing Anthology 2019.

Shortlisted Writers 2018

Alexandra Strnad – Longformacus
Alexandra Strnad – Chypre
Anne Cousins – HARE
Breda Spaight – The Shoes He Makes for Me
Clare Weze – Green Lizard on the Wall
Dena Fakhro – Seagulls serenade the red-light promenade
Dominique Hecq – Unfinished genesis
Elisabeth Reidy Denison – Elegy for the Burn
Elisabeth Sennitt Clough – Footnotes to A Marriage
Ella Duffy – Odyssey
Emily Bullock – Tombstoning
Ethan Veenker – A Thin Little Ribbon Nailed to Earth
Fiona Larkin – Georg Rides the U-Bahn
Fiona Robertson – Descent
Fiona Ashley – Nutrire
Francesca Moroney – Me Gusta la Música
Gail Anderson – Ambit
Geraldine Mitchell – This Was Not the Deal
Geraldine Clarkson – The House Dreams, EDWARDIANA, Brother, My Mother, the Monsoon
Giles Newington – Vines
Hannah Austin – Your Average Wednesday
Hester Bradley – On sending a text with a cat in your chest
Howard W Robertson – All the Evil of the World
Isabel Bermudez – Madonna Moon
Jayne Marshall – The History of Beauty and Ugliness
Jeffrey Ricker – Multiverse
Jessica Wilkinson – Serenade

Joanne Done – Blossom and the Tiger
Jupiter Jones – The Quickening
Karen Massey – Watching The Old Man Lying In A Hammock Over At Duffy’s Farm
Katherine Lockton – On Loss
Kylie Whitehead – The Afanc
Lara Irvine – Mineshafts
Laura Shore – The Lie
Laura Potts – The Picture in Ireland
Linda Grierson-Irish – Mrs Dawson
Liz Allan – The Light of Things Long Buried
Mariah Whelan – Viaduct Mary Jones – You Are…
Mercedes Webb-Pullman – A sackful of heads
Michael Collins – The Census Taker Reminisces
Natalie Whittaker – 96
Peter Wallis – WHAT CAN I SAY?
Ronald Dzerigian – While Lunching at the Base of Trump International Hotel & Tower
Ruth Wiggins – Making Water
Sarah Tucker – Exit Stage Right
Scott Aichinger – Three Sketches of Someone Who Will Die Young
Sharon Black – Letter Home, 1920
Simon Linter – Laundry
Sukh Brar – This Home
Susan Hodgetts – How to Begin
Suzanne Whitney Ghadimi – Pixies
Tina Pisco – Imagine This Imagine That
Wes Lee – Catatonic
Xiao Yue Shan – Easier if we cried