Creative Writing Winners 2015

Shortlisted Poetry and Short Fiction works from the 2015 Prize, were published in the Creative Writing Anthology 2016.

Shortlisted Writers 2015

A C Clarke – Suburban Wodwo
Alexandra Strnad – Crossroads and Waiting in Lodi Gardens
Allison Browning – Bones
April Bo Wang – Renaissance Men
Becci Louise Fearnley – To The Ten Percent
Ben Johnson – Bitch Scent
Brenda Saunders – Rothko in New York
Cal Revely-Calder – ignite
Carolyn Moore – Lars Poetica’s Druthers on the Next Beast Laureate
Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda – Two Voices: Diego and Calla Lilies
Catherine Edmunds – The London Season
Catherine Ford – The Something Bad
CJ Atkinson – liminal
David Mathews – K
David Yerex Williamson – Northern light
Davnet Heery – Lepus Hibernicus
Debi Hamilton – The Singing Bone
Don Hogle – During the Winter
Douglas Bruton – Da and Dancin and Boys These Days
Frances Olive – Rhapsodie de Fruit
Geraldine Clarkson – caress
Gillian Wallace – It Happens Every Morning
Grace C. Ocasio – Bennett Sisters React To Rosa Parks’s Stance
Heather Pearson – Mathematics
Ian Crockatt – Water Witches
James Dufficy – Public Service Announcement
Jan Heritage – Knots for Climbers
Jonathan Greenhause – Typical Train Ride through France
Jonathan Pinnock – Adagio Assai

Jordan Mounteer – Liminal
Jo Riccioni – Can’t Take the Country Out of the Boy
Julie Hayman – Little Birds
Laura Foley – Herculean
Lucy Brydon – Return to Me
Lucy Ryan – Breathe
Luisa A. Igloria – In the hotel with thin walls and the name of a poet
Mara Adamitz Scrupe – Groundhog Laws of Contiguity
Marilyn L. Taylor – The Blue Water Buffalo
Megan Hunter – Selfing
Michael McIrvin – Noir Love Song
Niamh MacCabe – The Good of it All
Nick Makoha – The Dark
Pauline Rooney – Counting Strokes
Rebecca Fisseha – What Grows
Rebecca Parfitt – How to Wear a Suitcase
Ríona Judge McCormack – Stafford Street
Rita Ciresi – Maybe the Mermaids
Roberta Lowing – Other Lives, Not Our Own
Rosalind Hudis – Isinglass
Sally Spedding – Madame Crustace
Sandra Kasturi – A Man in His Car, Beside His Beautiful Wife
Sarah Rice – Speaking bluntly
Stav Poleg – What time
Sue Proffitt – Sea-Watching
Tendayi Bloom – Cheese
Thomas Wadsworth – Endeavour
William Leo Coakley – La Cité des Poètes