Creative Writing Winners 2019

Shortlisted Poetry and Short Fiction works from the 2019 Prize, were published in the Creative Writing Anthology 2020.

Shortlisted Writers 2019

Amie Sharp – Train at Night in the Desert
Angela Carr – Root and Girl with Child on a Swan’s Wing
Angela Gardner – Upgrade to Everything
Audrey Molloy – A Brief History of Smoking
Christine Coates – City Swim
Claire Potter – Four Paragraphs on Winter Swimming
Clare Reddaway – Swimming Away
Dominique Hecq – Fire Relies on the Leaves of Gum Trees
Elisabeth Reidy Denison – Excerpt from “But These Are the Woods”
Ella Frears – Fleet Services and Fucking in Cornwall
Emily Tobin – I Am Not Grace
Fiona Larkin – All His Reasons For Departure
Geoffrey Aitken – Lived Unremarkably
Georgina Titmus – The Hadal Zone
Grainne Tobin – We Wish to Evoke a Sense of the Authentic
Jacqueline Winn – SMALL
Janet Lees – Everything’s a Festival
Jeanette O’Shea – Remember
Jennifer Harrison – Garawan
Jessica Fisher – Dishing Out
Jessica Johnson – A Band Apart
Joan Crate – on the road
Joy Holley – When the Person You Love Leaves You in the Night
Julia Merican – Unlucky
Kate Horowitz – Surreal Monogamist
Kate Felix – Sheila’s Mine

Kathryn Aldridge-Morris – Bloodstream
Ken McCullough – Instructions
Kent Cruickshank – The Offender
Kevin Maynard – SAMPI
Laure-Anne Bosselaar – Ode to the Schorren and Summer at the Orphange
Magdalena McGuire – The Fall
Maia Cronin – The Modern Ghost and The Medusa Effect
Mark Fiddes – Self Portrait with the State of Texas
Martin Nathan – 18th November 1987
Melissa Studdard – Fascinating the Parts of Us
Miranda Peake – You Sign up for the Printing Class
Natalie Astle – Wisracni’s World Wide Web
Philip Webb Gregg – My Father was a Man of the Ocean
Richard Smith – Plan B
Roger Jefferies – Another One
Rushika Wick – 519 People
Ruth Morrison – What is Left
Samual Wright – Rose
Sarah Klenbort – All That Matters
Sharon Kernot – Typography
Sharon Black – The Lean Years and Eriskay Wives
Simon Linter – Hibakusha
Susan Tichy – Imago
Tatiana Johnson – Mothership
Tony Watts – Cantus Arcticus
Wes Lee – New Year’s Day: Observation Unit