Creative Writing Winners 2014

Shortlisted Poetry and Short Fiction works from the 2014 Prize, were published in the Creative Writing Anthology 2015.

Shortlisted Writers 2014

Layla al Ammar – The Lagoon
Charlie Atkinson – When all of this is over…
Tess Barry – My Mother as Walden Pond
Bob Beagrie – Rift Woods
Isabel Bermudez – Cow Parsley
Sharon Black – Sisyphus
Angela Bridge – Wolf Whistle
Mark Wilson – You
A C Clarke – Pandemonium
Geraldine Clarkson – The Dancers on Graves
Daniel Roy Connelly – The simple transition from ski-jump champion to rockstar
Ruby Cowling – Edith Aleksander
Joan Crate – Invisible Sometimes
Andrew Dutton – Our Helpless Years
K M Elkes – Mary Siobhan McConnelly
Carol Farrelly – The Quicken Tree
Cliff Forshaw – Cranes
Tom Gatehouse – Widower’s Lament
Jo Gatford – Someone Else
Albert De Genova – The night the wind
Claire Gleeson – Next of Kin
Rhoda Greaves – Mackerel for Tea
Gabriel Griffin – Et in Arcadia Ego
Sy Hakim – Once…Sheila
Pamela Herron – 42 Days
Christine Herzer – Recovery
Paul Hetherington – Furniture
Gaia Holmes – Rain Charm For Stirling Street
Roisin Kelly – The Memory of Touch

Wendy Klein – The Reckless Sleeper
Wes Lee – You wait for your loneliness to be looked upon
Janet Lees – We two girls together singing
Angie Lewis – Acceleration
Roberta Lowing – Voyagers
Kevin Mills – Charta Pergamena
Colin Montfort – Etiquette For Imperfect Pedigrees
Lizz Murphy – A Woman’s Work
Tom Murray – I’m Not There
Toby Norways – Second Coming
Stav Poleg – Another city
Marcia Popp – the music lesson – december 1943
Angela Readman – To Catch a Fisherman
Eléna Rivera – In White
Brenda Saunders – Inside Edward Hopper
Laura Jan Shore – The Interrupt
Andrea Stephenson – The Girl I was
Alexandra Strnad – Pilgrims
Joyce Sutphen – The Zeitgeist
Jessica Temple – Bearing
Pete Thompson – Spurn
Grainne Tobin – Ulsterbus Double-decker, Bog and Swan (Warning: Conditions May Change)
Molly Vogel – Lessons on how to understand a famous painting
Steve Wade – No Understand Nothing
Judy Walker – Mrs Murphy and Mrs Matthews
Andrea Watts – Bridges
Tony Watts – The Bright Room
Vincent Wood – Splatter