Chapel Club

Constantly jumping between synths and heavy drumbeats, Chapel Club’s second album Good Together doesn’t disappoint, particularly if you loved the first album.

Michael Craig-Martin

Transforming everyday objects into vibrant constructs, Michael Craig-Martin has shaped the artistic landscape of Britain, both through his own work and his influence on other practitioners.

World Press Photo 13

Each year photographers from around the world participate in the World Press Photo Contest, and the results are nothing short of magnificent.

Flying Blind

Polish director Katarzyna Klimkiewicz is clearly on the ascendant; her debut feature, Flying Blind, is about as human and intelligent as they come.

I Wish

Following successfully in the footsteps of such masters as Yasujiro Ozu, Hirokazu Kore-eda rejects action and relentless pace in favour of quiet family drama.

The Purple Book

Taking its name from notorious 1890s graphic design periodical The Yellow Book, The Purple Book presents a lavish marriage of art and literature.


Serving up sounds from a wide-ranging palette, one of Wampire’s stand-out strengths is the fact that their music is nearly impossible to categorise.

Beyond the Hills

Set in Moldova, which houses some of Europe’s most deprived people, this dark tale charts the loaded and complex friendship between two young women.

Sparrow and the Workshop

Murderopolis  is the third album from Glasgow-based trio Sparrow and the Workshop, and it is a leap forward in craft and assuredness.

Gary Hume

Beginning his career with the unconventional decision to redesign hospital doors, Gary Hume’s signature style was established early.

Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Parker’s work presents lines of enquiry and invites viewers to consider the fragility of the human experience.

Contemporary Asian Photography

Contemporary Asian Photography attempts to explore, problematise and ultimately dismantle the concept of a uniform Asia, reducible to geographical components of Near, Central and East.

Beware of Mr Baker

Beware of Mr Baker couldn’t be more of an accurate title for this invigoratingly humorous biopic of one of the greatest drummers the world has ever seen.


Lore follows a teenage girl journeying across a land overrun with Allies with her four siblings as they battle to the safety of their grandmother’s home 900km away.

To the Wonder

Terrence Malick’s latest consideration on the maelstrom of the human psyche uses landscape and weather as metaphors for changes in emotion and mood.

Miles Aldridge

Enamoured by colour and glamour, Miles Aldridge makes work dripping in jewels, lipstick and fluorescents, transporting his subjects into a surreal feminine space.

The Epstein

The Epstein reaches its sophomore album with a more experimental edge than its critically welcomed debut displayed.

The Woodentops

80s rockers The Woodentops release an all-encompassing retrospective collection of the highlights of their career to date.

Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters’ second album is so blissfully executed that its infectious rhythms are bound to induce partying in a cave, field, beach or just about anywhere.

The Essential Robert Indiana

The Essential Robert Indiana collates the artist’s significant body of work alongside text by Martin Krause, based on ongoing conversations with Indiana