Miles Aldridge

Feminine Landscapes

For the past 15 years, Miles Aldridge (b. 1964) has focused on women as his primary interest and formulated an alternate world of feminine domesticity. Enamoured by colour and glamour, he makes work dripping in jewels, lipstick and fluorescents, transporting his subjects into a surreal space where women neglect to get dressed, mothers and daughters swap roles and dinner time consists of various unconventional meals. Aldridge’s uncanny reflections document his unique perception of the female role, and his talent in staging curious narratives. Working inside the fashion industry, his images have appeared in multiple publications, including Vogue Italia, The New York Times, American Vogue  and The New Yorker. The following photographs appear from July until September in two major exhibitions at Brancolini Grimaldi and in a large-scale retrospective, I Only Want You to Love Me, at Somerset House, accompanied by a book from Rizzoli. and