Alex Sayers

Alex Sayers’ project is about colour and people. The artist set out to explore the connections people have to colour, breaking down binaries.

Georgia + Kia

Georgia plus Kia are a Creative Advertising team built at Bucks, currently living, laughing and loving as Creative Strategists at TikTok.

Lydia Edmonds

Lydia Edmonds’ niche lies with hairstyling and wigs, with a favourite look of 1920s finger waves. This project is based on Victorian children’s toys.

Refika Salih

Refika Salih is a makeup artist who takes inspiration from The Brothers Grimm fairy tales, in which a character disguised herself as a bird.

Madeleine Morgan

Madeleine Morgan explores body language, looking at how someone’s physicality may change in response to how they have been told to behave.

Charlotte Ketteridge

Charlotte Ketteridge has designed a new festival informing 16-24-year-olds about the benefits of positive actions and thinking in everyday life.

Ella Woodcock

Ella Woodcock’s project is about “collective joy”, and is inspired by the places the artist would go to before the pandemic to enjoy music.

Zara Ahmed

How often do you ask where your clothes come from? Ahmed’s campaign was created to shed light on issues arising from fast fashion industries.

Sydony Greenwood

Sydony Greenwood has focused on the Hans Christian Andersen version of The Little Mermaid, designing a series of six sets filled with emotion.

Courtney Seymour

“Within my work I empower designing for change.” Courtney Seymour designs a brand of chai tea that donates 25% of its profits to charity.

Carolyn Gordon

Carolyn Gordon has created three contemporary, modern day make up looks based on Greek gods: Poseidon, Aphrodite and Artemis.

Sylvie Baka

Sylvie Baka’s fashion exhibition was inspired by the three African materials: the Ghana bag, raffia and beads, dating back to the 17th century.

John Kenady Eruthayanathan

Illustrator John Kenady Eruthayanathan’s final project focuses on raising awareness of the history and ongoing inequalities in Sri Lanka.

Emma Duhig

Textile Designer Emma Duhig’s final major project is influenced by beach nature, capturing the beauty of the British coast through fabrics.

Aila Khan

Aila Khan holds a BA Honours Degree in Product Design; the Moderniso Cabinet was created for functional and decorative purposes.

Claudia Mendes

Claudia Mendes’s graphic design project addresses fast fashion and its impact on the environment and contemporary culture.

Scarlett Anderson

Scarlett Anderson’s Diva collection inspired by opera – the iconic heroines featured in classic stories that continue to reflect contemporary culture.

Jade Rawkins

For Jade Rawkins, graphic design is about telling a story. She notes: “I have become passionate about designing graphic props for film and television.”

Zeena Morris

Mixed-media and fibre art and the starting point for any piece made by Zeena Morris. Detailed research is undertaken to explore new technique.

Sarah Creasey

Sarah Creasey combines a range of physical procedures, such as painting and collage, plus working with digital software programmes.