Philomene Olofio

Philomene Olofio’s collection is inspired by African design patterns and also by Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream’’ speech.

Lindsey Leverton

Lindsey Leverton’s reflects an appreciation of the UK’s natural diversity; research was collected from landscapes of personal resonance.

Lydia Manley-Leach

Lydia Manley-Leach ‘s final project explores the historical aspects and symbolism of folklore through vibrant, colourful textiles.

Abigail Hawkes

Abigail Hawkes’ final project produces a form of advertising for a young adult crime fiction novel, This Lie Will Kill You (Chelsea Pritcher, 2018).

Housna Shah

Housna Shah’s interest lies in the luxury retail market. Her final project focuses on romantic florals and is inspired by Afghan folk dances and weddings.

Isabella Inga

Isabella Inga considers the concept of emotional contagion – how empathetic responses can be generated through bold and expressive artwork.

Nicole Siddle

Designer Nicole Siddle is inspired by the versatility of street style and views it as a way for people to express who they are without having to speak.

Dimitar Zyumbyulev

Dimitar Zyumbyulev uses various media and processes; the artist’s final project focuses on plastic pollution and its impact on marine life.

Niamh Warren

Niamh Warren’a final project is a sculpture, which centres on the human feelings of fear – conjuring alarm bells and the fight-or-flight instinct.

Sue Elder

Sue Elder has embraced a variety of disciplines within illustration and design; for her final project she focuses on illustration for children’s books.

Robyn West

Robyn West’s practice explores the ramifications of the fashion industry and vanity sizing as part of an ongoing cultural investigation.

Saadia Shiekh

Saadia Shiekh’s collection arose from a desire to demonstrate that disability is not synonymous with inability. It is designed for diverse bodies.

Aleksandra Budnik

Aleksandra Budnik has recently been commissioned to create a series of 20 illustrations for the main gallery at Discover Bucks Museum.

Emily Marshall

Emily Marshall’s interest in space travel forms the inspiration for her project; various techniques were used to reflect an understanding of target audiences.

Sylvie Baka

Sylvie Baka’s fashion exhibition was inspired by the three African materials: the Ghana bag, raffia and beads, dating back to the 17th century.

John Kenady Eruthayanathan

Illustrator John Kenady Eruthayanathan’s final project focuses on raising awareness of the history and ongoing inequalities in Sri Lanka.

Emma Duhig

Textile Designer Emma Duhig’s final major project is influenced by beach nature, capturing the beauty of the British coast through fabrics.

Aila Khan

Aila Khan holds a BA Honours Degree in Product Design; the Moderniso Cabinet was created for functional and decorative purposes.

Claudia Mendes

Claudia Mendes’s graphic design project addresses fast fashion and its impact on the environment and contemporary culture.

Scarlett Anderson

Scarlett Anderson’s Diva collection inspired by opera – the iconic heroines featured in classic stories that continue to reflect contemporary culture.