Courtney Seymour

Courtney Seymour focuses on branding, packaging and campaigns. Through a combination of digital and analogue techniques, combined with extensive research and experimentation, Seymour manifests new ideas and concepts, with the optimism and determination to create inspiring and energetic outcomes. “Within my work I empower designing for change,” the artist notes. Seymour’s approach involves creating bold and striking visuals to captivate and intrigue an audience. “I am motivated to succeed, and for what I lack in industry experience I make up for through my levels of creativity, curiosity and motivation.” The focus of Seymour’s Final Major Project was a brand of chai tea that donates 25% of its profits to a charity which supports India’s water crisis. This involved the creation of a brand strategy as well as a visual identity. The visual approach employs a vivid colour palette alongside bold typography. Outcomes include a brand experience, packaging and supporting collateral.