Charlotte Ketteridge

“The stigma related to having a positive attitude in life often puts people off, as it can be seen as an ‘annoying personality trait’,” says Charlotte Ketteridge. “Positive psychology looks at what makes life most worth living, focusing on strengths in our day to day lives, rather than weaknesses. This is achieved through improving the individuals’ experiences, states and traits. Within positive psychology, several interventions are used to help people live their best lives, such as gratitude and savouring.” Initially inspired by primary research, Ketteridge asked 16-24 year-olds: “what makes your life most worth living?” The designer formed a solution that educates audiences about the benefits of bringing positive actions and thinking into everyday life. The outcome is a festival event that encourages individuals to create positive connections with others, their surroundings and themselves. At the festival, attendees can engage with and learn positive psychology intervention strategies – presented to them in a friendly and appealing way.