Visions of Utopia

Serena Dzenis’s pastel-toned images question the idea of making humans multiplanetary, transforming everyday structures into otherworldly scenes.

The Age of Immersion

The Light and Space movement emerged in the mid-20th century during technological optimism. How has it evolved with the rise of the digital age?

Rise of the Megacity

Michel Lamoller’s photographic reliefs highlight the alarming rate at which humanity is expanding, depicting high-rises as markers of infrastructure.

Imagined Structures

Adriana Mora constructs 3D buildings within idyllic waterscapes. The visual language of Brutalism is counterpointed with memories of childhood.

In the Moment

“My favourite moments are those which create coincidences and contradictions in the city,” says Berlin-based urban photographer Andrea Lohmann.

Repetition and Colour

Berlin is a city fundamentally shaped by the regeneration projects of the post-WWII decades. A new book chronicles its residential buildings.

Interpreting Our World

2022’s Sony World Photography Awards Professional shortlist responds to tensions between humanity and nature – occupying a complex space.

Photography, Anonymity and Space

“Non-places” and “any-space-whatevers” are anonymous locations people pass through. Five artists explore these ideas through photography.

Altering Our Perception

“I see one function of the museum as being a space for experimentation.” Artist Carsten Höller presents acclaimed installations and relational aesthetics.

Time for the Future

How do we imagine the future? Designers, visual artists and researchers respond to the experience of living in the anxiety of the present.

Reflection, Minimalism, Abstraction

From close-up photography to digital world-building, contemporary artists are always building on the legacies of minimalism and abstraction.

Vivid Metropolis

Glenn Homann explores the developments of iPhone cameras, producing abstract snapshots that turn Brisbane into a saturated wonderland.

A Digital Residence

Digital artist Andres Reisinger establishes a virtual winter haven – a place of respite and simplicity amidst the clutter of life online.

2022 at a Glance: Design Exhibitions

The United Nations cite climate change as the defining crisis of our time. This year, designers and galleries are coming together to find ways to help.

Aesthetica Archives:
Urban Abstraction

The number of “megacities” – with over 10 million inhabitants – is projected to rise from 33 in 2018 to 43 in 2030. Five new artists capture urban spaces.

Nordic Houses

Architect Todd Saunders is responsible for defining much of our sense of contemporary Nordic style. A new book traces his influences.

Structures in Decline

Since 2005, photographic duo Marchand/Meffre have been travelling across the US, documenting the country’s decaying cinema complexes.

Looking Up

When we walk through city centres, how often do we look up? Katharina Klopfer is interested in the graphic details of urban environments.

Tessellated Architecture

Osman Yousefzada transforms Birmingham’s Selfridges department store the by wrapping it in a giant installation: the world’s largest canvas.

A Conscious Future

China’s most recently completed architectural works are challenging traditional notions of sustainability. MoMA surveys this new generation.