Lucy Munt

50% of the Great Barrier Reef is dead. Illustrator Lucy Munt decided to take action towards helping to protect the coral reefs from destruction.

Bradley Beckett

Bradley Beckett’s graphic design project depicts a voyage of self-healing and self-discovery during a period of uncertainty and mental health issues.

Grace Anderson

“Humans are widely regarded as human because they are controlled by their emotions.” Grace Anderson ask questions about machine intellect.

Annie Matthews-Bruce

Playful Apparel is a genderless children’s wear collection created by Annie Matthews-Bruce. The clothing was inspired by toys and play.

Charlotte Hickman

Hickman’s cushions, chair covers and blankets were influenced by collections of artefacts: prized possessions accumulated over time.

Lizzie Lovell

Lizzie Lovell is driven by the desire to deliver compelling responses to the landscape, especially those surrounding the artist’s hometown.

Joseph Drew

Joseph Drew’s collection of architecturally-inspired work forms the foundation of a conceptually-driven cityscape of plaster and wood.

Daryl Pallas

Daryl Pallas’ How Salty is the Mediterranean? examines themes of home, nostalgia, loss and memory, capturing spaces in Gibraltar.

Abigail Jones

Filmmaker Abigail Jones’ works take on a storytelling aspect, calling upon surrealism, uncanny imagery and Barbara Creed’s writing.

Jemma Young

Jemma Young is a photographer working with constructed portraiture, stylised image compositions and digital manipulation.

Zara Gabriel

Zara Gabriel has combined elements – tapestries, sculptures and hidden words – to create a paint covered, symbolic installation.

Priyanka Pattni

Priyanka Pattni is a portrait photographer who utilises analogue and digital to convey the reclamation of space for minority groups.

Carys Tupper

Digital Dreams explores the relationship between physical and digital worlds. Sculpture, projected film and photography break boundaries.

Sonny Barthley 

Through portraiture, Sonny Barthley explores the pain and trauma of African-Caribbean people who were kidnapped and transported to the UK.

Annie Brown

“I don’t want to create timid or feeble paintings. Every mark must be bold and confident,” says Annie Brown, an artist creating large scale works.

George Mapston

George Mapston’s project was born from the Covid-19 pandemic, and a fascination with how the family unit can communicate exclusively digitally.

Sam Webster

Sam Webster’s White Rabbit is a two-dimensional animation short that encompasses science fiction and mythic themes.

Jodie Bateman

Jodie Bateman’s series challenges UK society to view Muslim women differently, by inviting the viewer into their private spaces.

Scarlett Hope-Gates

Scarlett Hope-Gates is a contemporary mixed media artist working with exciting sculpture, drawings, screen prints and paper cutouts.

Sukhwinder Singh

Sukhwinder Singh’s practice is inspired by the personal experience of living with bone cancer as a child; the work includes a selection of X-rays.