Born Ruffians

A rather energetic follow-up to Red, Yellow & Blue, Toronto’s Born Ruffians are even more on the pulse with this time.

Martha Tilston

Tilston is a master of evocative lyrics; a particular favourite on Lucy & the Wolves is the beautiful Lucy of the album’s title.

Allo Darlin’

Upbeat and sunny, Allo Darlin’s eponymous debut is warm and fuzzy. It’s happy music reminiscent to The Go-Betweens’ “striped sunlight sound”.


The new record from Alabama-born Dan Sartain encompasses vintage rock ’n roll and blues within his Southern tendencies.

Jane Weaver

Jane Weaver’s 5th LP is the first to be released on her own label, Bird Records, and is a more fully-realised concept album than her previous offerings.


Released on their own label, this is UNKLE’s fourth full-length album. It is a fantastic collection of joyful soundscapes, electronica, live drums, strings and percussion from The Heritage Orchestra.

Frightened Rabbit

Scotland and Indie rock bands go hand-in-hand. Hailing from this breeding-ground of talent is Frightened Rabbit.

Music Producers

Although singers often get all the credit, it’s the producer that does all the heavy lifting. Creating a great album or single takes hard work, and the producers have to play a lot of roles to make it happen.

Arshile Gorky: Goats on the Roof

Being a seminal figure in the formation of Abstract Expressionism, Gorky laid the foundations for many artists to follow.

The Story of Graphic Design

Every single thing that we see from advertising and packaging to media and digital screens is designed. It’s so commonplace now, we don’t even see it.

A Museum of One’s Own: Private Collecting, Public Gift

Higonnet explores her fascination with “collections”, and how an individual’s taste within a contemporary era are captured in personal art ensembles.

Repeat It Today with Tears

In 1970s London, Susanna is living with her mother, and knows nothing of her father. Under a false identity, she begins an affair, which will only end in disaster.

Learning to Lose

Learning To Lose is a captivating novel, which tells the stories of complex lives as they collide in contemporary Madrid.

Michèle Roberts

In conversation with Michèle Roberts.

Adam Ross

In the thrilling debut novel, Mr Peanut by Adam Ross, reality twists and turns as the past collides with the present.

For Mountain, Sand and Sea

Marc Rees transforms a Welsh town into a stage, unveiling and exploring the charms and stories of this seaside community through a creative trajectory.

Fiona Bradley

Since 2003, Fiona Bradley has been the Director of Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket Gallery. She emphasises the importance of new work in the context of a consistent and developing artistic practice.

Beautiful Kate

Humanising forbidden love, with breathtaking cinematography, Beautiful Kate explores the effects of place, isolation and burgeoning sexualities.

Jonathan Wateridge

Jonathan Wateridge’s latest show opens at All Visual Artists. It depicts scenes from an imaginary film creating interplay between narratives of fact and fiction.

Contemporary Makers

Challenging the traditional notions of craft through design intervention, the new wave of DIY raises the bar for contemporary making.