The Story of Graphic Design

Patrick Cramsie
The British Library

Graphic design is definitely taken for granted. Every single thing that we see from advertising and packaging to media and digital screens is designed. It’s so commonplace now, we don’t even see it, is that the mark of a good design?

Published by the British Library, The Story of Graphic Design is an illustrated history of the development of graphic styles in the West. Cramsie takes a chronological approach, starting with the origins of the alphabet, and even a chapter entitled “Manufacturing The Middle Ages”, through to the invention of printing whilst covering the succession of styles from the 20th and 21st century. Although, the book comes in at 350 pages, it would have been interesting to see an analysis of design out of the Western world. Maybe that’s the publisher’s next project?

Informative and detailed, this text looks at design in the context of social, cultural and technological changes, making it an invaluable resource for not only graphic designers but enthusiasts too. Exploring styles and movements, this book is a must-have resource.

Cherie Federico