Martha Tilston

Lucy & the Wolves
Squiggly Records

Martha Tilston is likely to receive many comparisons to Joni Mitchell. Her distinctive voice bears a remarkable similarity to Mitchell’s, particularly in the sublime Rockpools where the pitch range and husky quality are reminiscent of Mitchell’s Blue album. Tilston is also a master of evocative lyrics; a particular favourite on Lucy & the Wolves is the beautiful Lucy of the album’s title. A heartbreaking tale of unrequited love, in this song Tilston offers such tender melancholies as: “I want to be one of the living again though the darkness kinda grows / From afar you shone like a star / Something glows through you and illuminates the dark.”

The songs do have a habit of sounding too similar towards the end of the collection and the change of tempo in Wave Machine is appreciated. In this song Tilston’s voice acquires an edge of rawness and the Spanish influenced guitar adds more passion to what is in danger of becoming too mellow a selection. A relaxing folk album, best enjoyed in bed.

Bryony Byrne