Born Ruffians

Say It

A rather energetic follow-up to Red, Yellow & Blue, Toronto’s Born Ruffians are even more on the pulse with this time. With undertones of the Strokes, it’s a honed and complete sound. Vocally and instrumentally it’s a compelling soundscape, imbued with itchy lyrics, there’s a certain personality emerging.

Opening with Oh Man, somehow it feels like you’re driving with the top down somewhere like the American West, and the sun is shinning on your face, and you couldn’t think of a better place to be at that moment in time. It’s a full sound with quirky drums and generous backbeats. The Ballad of Moose Bruce has tension and complexity; it would be amazing to see it performed live.

Having completed a tour with Franz Ferdinand in 2009, times have been good for the Ruffians. Although they quit university to become full-time musicians, you must admire the pursuit of their dreams albeit a bit reckless. With Zane Lowe and Colin Murray cited as fans, they are full of passion, energy and colour.

Cherie Federico