Dan Sartain
One Little Indian

The new record from Alabama-born Dan Sartain encompasses vintage-sounding rock n roll and blues within his Southern tendencies. The first single from this album is Atheist Funeral, a particularly catchy track from the get-go. Its bluesy bass and defiant lyrics in Sartain’s rebellious lilt make it one of the corkers on the album, along with Bohemian Grove, a cool old-style rock n roll classic.

The overall feel of the album is self-assured, noncompliant and has a hint of Johnny Cash coupled with The Beatles and early Kings of Leon. With more than a hint of darkness to his lyrics, unmistakably in Bad Things Will Happen (bad things will happen / and they’ll happen to you), Sartain wallows in his private world of gloom, which can become tedious. Overall, there’s a mysterious sense of cool, listen to the grungy-rocky opening bars of Voo Doo and I challenge you not to be impressed.

Lives is out now.

Sophie Gordon