A World History of Art (Revised 7th edition)

Ed Hugh Honour & John Fleming
Laurence King Publishing

A mammoth text, now in its seventh revised edition, this is a seminal work looking at the history of art from “before history” through to the third millennium. Its breadth and scope is exploratory rather than critical.

Throughout the collection, the editors look at the value systems of cultures and there’s an underpinning examination of world history, which contexulises the art from different eras. Only in attempting to understand the world from which the art was produced, can we begin to understand the art. The book also covers art from South and East Asia, even early Islamic art, as well as European. However, it is lacking in 20th Century non-western art.

Providing a weighty insight into the development of art throughout history, but also a profound and scholarly look at the cultures and civilisations, as well as various art forms (sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, video, etc). With over 1400 illustrations, diagrams and charts, it’s an essential guide for any serious art lover.

Shirley Stevenson